Bees, bats, butterflies, birds, and other small animals are essential to our food supply. They provide us with one out of every three bites of food we eat.

We support Pollination Planet in their mission to educate and inspire people to take action to protect pollinators. Their educational programs provide an interactive learning environment perfect for both children and adults.

September Event Schedule

NYC Beekeepers Association invites former Peace Corps volunteer Ivan K. Landers to sweet-talk about his time in Paraguay amongst the Guarani, followed by a panel discussion about urban swarm catching, pollinator decline, and the problems almond pollinating presents for honeybee health, featuring Landers, former NYPD detective "Tony Bees" Planakis, and Pollination Planet's Gretchen Heine.

September 10: Whole Foods Tribeca Buggy Bats Class

Pollination Planet founder Gretchen Heine teaches an interactive class to children and adults about the importance of bats in pollination.

September 11: Whole Foods Chelsea

Pollination Planet conducts an in-store community outreach program.

September 12: Whole Foods Brooklyn Busy Bumblebees Class

Learn about the substantial role of bees in pollination, and practices that everyone can use to make the environment safe for pollinators.

September 13: Totowa Public Library Bee Event
Totowa Public Library
537 Totowa Road
Totowa, N.J.
Time: 10am-12pm
April Corbo @ 973-229-8172 for more info.

Activities include a craft and story for kids presented by Pollination Planet, and free resources about simple steps to take to protect pollinators.


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