Organic White Forest Honey
     Source & Product Information
  • Certified Organic by QAI
  • Sourced from Northeast Brazil
  • Blend of pure organic honeys
  • Inverted bottle - easy to pour
  • 1% of sales donated to charity
Why "White Forest"?

In 1989, the local Catholic Diocese sponsored a beekeeping instructional program that has established hundreds of new beekeepers in northeastern Brazil. The native Tupi people refer to this part of Brazil as the "White Forest."


Northeastern Brazil resembles the Australian Outback during the dry season, making agriculture difficult. The reverse becomes true January to May, when rainfall turns the landscape to exotic wildflowers, perfect for honeybees!

Flavor Profile

The best honey made in Brazil is full bodied and intensely sweet. We found northeast Brazil's honey has a consistent flavor profile, and this is where we are focusing our sourcing efforts.

Beekeeping Methods

Brazilian beekeepers work collectively, often in groups of four to five families. They have successfully adapted Afrcanized honeybees, the so-called "kiler bees", to making honey commercially!

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