Raw Golden Blossom Honey
Raw Golden Blossom Honey
If you love Golden Blossom Honey, and you're also interested in raw foods, then we've got the answer...
Raw Golden Blossom Honey.

The exact same blend of 100% U.S. clover, orange blossom, and buckwheat honey, minimally heated and containing all of its own pollen.
Raw Golden Blossom Honey
The high pollen content causes the honey to granulate naturally. When you first open it, the honey might be soft like peanut butter, or hard like a cold stick of butter. The consistency is determined by nature...it's raw!
To soften it up a little faster, place the jar in warm water or on a sunny windowsill.
Raw honey ingredients and nutrition label
RAW Golden Blossom Honey can be spooned or spread with a knife to complement your favorite foods and beverages, but it won't drip and get your hands sticky. When you open up the container, the appealing aroma will fill up your kitchen, and you'll be tempted to eat it right out of the jar!

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