Family Owned and Operated since 1921

In 1921, the late John G. Paton founded a bulk honey company in northern California and decided to give it his own name. After several years of operation on the west coast, Mr. Paton moved the business to New York in order to take advantage of the prosperous marketplaces of the northeast.

John H. Paton, son of the founder, created the GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY blend in 1931.

Consumers have long recognized the green and gold label as a symbol of quality.

GOLDEN BLOSSOM is composed of three honeys:
1.) Clover
2.) Sage buckwheat
3.) Orange blossom.
This unique blend gives GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY a distinct flavor, color and fragrance possessed by no other brand.

GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY is a product of the U.S.A. and comes entirely from U.S. beekeepers, who receive a bonus from John Paton, Inc. for the high quality honey that they provide. All GOLDEN BLOSSOM items are packed in accordance with the standards set forth by the Orthodox Union with the 24 ounce size also packedĀ Kosher for Passover.