About Golden Blossom Honey

Premium Pure U.S. Honey

Premium Pure U.S. Honey

Traditional Golden Blossom Premium Pure U.S. Honey is sourced 100% by U.S. Beekeepers, and does not contain any additives or preservatives.

Consistent Unique Flavor

Golden Blossom’s unique flavor profile is what makes our honey different from other brands. Since 1921, we have been blending Pure U.S. Honey to create a signature flavor. We strive to maintain that consistent flavor every time we bottle Golden Blossom.

Sourced Exclusively by U.S. Beekeepers

Golden Blossom is thicker and richer than other brands, because our honey is sourced exclusively by U.S. Beekeepers from a variety of U.S. floral sources, including Clover, Orange Blossom, and Sage Buckwheat Honey.