Kosher for Passover

What does OU-P Mean?

The OU-P symbol means that the Orthodox Union has certified a product bearing that label as Kosher for Passover. To receive such a certification, an extremely high level of supervision is required including hashgacha temidit (constant supervision), and proper kashering of equipment. Every ingredient used in an OU-P product is scrutinized to make sure that it is 100% chametz and kitnityot free. Companies may print either an OU-P symbol or accompany their existing OU symbol with the words Kosher for Passover on their Passover products.

Every year a limited amount of 24oz Golden Blossom Honey bottles are packed Kosher for Passover, and are in great demand from retailers and customers in the Eastern United States for general use or holidays.

Kosher for Passover recipes are a wonderful part of the yearly holiday celebration, and Golden Blossom Honey is excited to be a part of that. Below are great recipes that you can enjoy with your friends and family.