Honey Lingo

Did you know? The word "honeymoon" dates back to 1552 and carries the significance that the first month of marriage is the sweetest. Learn more facts below…

The term “making a beeline for”, describes the shortest and quickest route the nectar-gathering bee follows to return to the hive.

A beekeeper is called an “apiarist”.

An apiary is a location where beekeepers set out a group of beehives. They are commonly referred to as a “bee yard”.

While bee “skeps” (old-style beehive shaped structures) are not in widespread use today, their charm continues to be associated with beekeeping. The modern rectangular beehive is merely a more convenient adaptation to the honeybees’ behavior.

Utah is known as the “beehive state”.

In the 15th century, honey was known as “the soul of flowers”.