Whipped Feta by LivsFoodFeed

The perfect go to sweet, savory & velvety app that will keep your guests impressed all summer long & it’ll only take you 5 mins!


4 oz Feta Cheese

4 oz Cream Cheese

1 tbsp Garlic

1 Handful Fresh Basil

Chopped Chives


Warmed Naan Bread

Honey Tips

How Honey Is Created

Honey is created when bees mix plant nectar, a sweet substance secreted by flowers, with their own bee enzymes.


In a food processor mix 4 oz feta and 4 oz cream cheese until smooth
Add 1 tbsp garlic & a handful of fresh basil leaves & blend again
Add to a bowl and create a shallow well
Fill with Golden Blossom Organic Honey and top with chopped chives & pistachios
Serve with warm naan!
Thanks Liv, for this incredible recipe! https://www.instagram.com/livsfoodfeed/