Peanut Butter and Fruit Energy Bars

These crunchy peanut flavored bars make a perfect after school or lunch box snack. Grab a few to take to work to have with your morning coffee.


3 cups 7 whole grain puffs cereal (such as Kashi)

1/2 cup walnuts, coarsely chopped

1/4 cup pitted dates, coarsely chopped

1/2 cup craisins

1/3 cup peanut butter


1/4 cup light corn syrup

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Honey Tips

Honey Never Spoils

No need to refrigerate it. It can be stored unopened, indefinitely, at room temperature in a dry cupboard.


Preheat oven to 350°. Coat a 9-inch square baking pan with non-stick cooking spray.
In a large bowl combine cereal, nuts, dates and craisins.
In a small saucepan, heat peanut butter, honey, corn syrup and cinnamon. Bring to a boil, cook a minute or two stirring constantly. Remove from heat pour over cereal mixture. Toss to coat.
Spoon into prepared pan. Using your hands, press to compact. Bake about 10 minutes until edges are golden. Remove to rack to cool. Once cool, cut into bars.
Yields: 16 bars