Sweet and Spicy Summer Corn

Golden Blossom Honey and a little Cayenne make a delicious Spicy Honey Buttered Corn on the cob - sure to be a summer hit!


4 Ears of Corn

1 Stick Unsalted butter, softened

3 TBSP Honey

Kosher Salt

Cayenne Pepper

4 Oregano or Thyme Sprigs

Honey Tips

How Honey Is Created

Honey is created when bees mix plant nectar, a sweet substance secreted by flowers, with their own bee enzymes.


1. Pull the husks back from each ear of corn, leaving them attached at the stem. Gather the husk back at the stem to form a handle – then remove all corn silk.
2. Light or preheat grill pan.
3. In a small bowl, blend together butter and honey. Spread the honey butter evenly all over the ears of corn. Season the corn with salt and cayenne, then press a sprig of oregano onto the corn.
4. Pull the husks back over the corn and tie with a kitchen string.
5. Grill the corn over medium heat, turning, until the husks are lightly charred and the kernels are tender – this usually takes 15 minutes.